Diet Planning

Food is our fuel, our life source and can affect all areas of our life. It plays an important role in our brain chemistry and can affect us negatively or positively.

Nobody should have to diet. Instead we should all learn to make healthy, sensible food choices that will sustain us and give us energy. That is what I can help you do. Instead of a "diet" I can help you plan your meals and...

  • Learn to make healthy choices that satisfy you
  • Learn which foods are rich in antioxidants and vitamins to get the most energy
  • Learn portion sizes
  • Learn the brain foods and how eating them can change your brain chemistry and change your life
  • Learn satisfying substitutes
  • Learn how to feel good about your food and not guilty
  • Learn how to plan a satisfying meal

In-Home Consultations

I come to your home and help you clean out your cupboards, make good grocery lists, and re-stock your kitchen with foods that will make you feel good and healthy. If you would like, I will also help you plan and cook a week's worth of meals that we freeze and they are ready when you are.

So make the transition to healthy eating an easy one, let me help you, contact me today.

Huntington Beach Diet Planning
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