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As a personal trainer I tailor each work out session to meet the client's needs and reach their individual goals. As well as keep the client(s) satisfied and not bored with their program. I offer many forms of resistance training, weight lifting and circuit training for muscle development, strength and toning and I combine this with fun and challenging forms of cardio vascular exercise for heart rate work and calorie burning. I have the following certifications as well as 10 years experience as a fitness instructor,personal trainer & Pilates specialist.

Pilates Reformer

For more information on Pilates Reformer workouts, please visit our Pilates Reformer page.

Pilates Mat

Pilates Mat is a series of exercises performed one right after the other on a mat. Designed by Joseph Pilates using ballet & yoga as a base, most of the exercises are performed lying down and they are geared toward strengthening the core. These moves are challenging and they create all over toning while keeping the core engaged. This exercise is very good for people who have weak backs or who have been injured and need to work up to lifting weights. This doesn't mean they are easy, the work is hard and it will definitely increase coordination and will work the mind.

Personal Training/Weight Lifting

Huntington Beach Weight Lifting, Personal Weight Training

In this area I work with each client to reach their toning or strength and endurance goals. Weights are important to increase bone density, change the shape and line of the body and to add muscle which burns more calories. With added muscle tructure the body is able to function more efficiently and the metabolism can go up allowing better use of calories. Improved strength gives people better endurance, less risk of injury while doing daily activities and better posture.


I teach cycling 4 days a week. This is a great cardio vascular exercise. When it is mastered, the body becomes strong and you perform like an athlete. I can train one on one with clients in the cycling room at the gym to become strong cyclists, or just to help maintain weight loss and toning.

Resist-a-ball ®

Huntington Beach Resist-A-Ball Training

Resist-a-ball or Balance ball is a method of doing body weight exercises, balancing exercises and also dumb-bell work on the ball for added core work and back protection. The ball was developed in Switzerland for the use if physical therapy and is now used in the gym setting because of its many uses. Many exercises done on the ball are great for injury recovery or weak back/stomache work. There are also many difficult balance exercises for advanced clients to improve core strength and coordination.


Power-Flex is a form of toning in which small weights are used for long repetitive work until their is burn and fatigue. Often, I work on each body part for a full 5 minutes of constant movement with the weight until the muscle is completely fatigued and then move do a different muscle group. I teach this often in group settings, but use is also in one-on-one work to change up the workouts.


Huntington Beach Kickboxing & Aerobics Training

Kick-Boxing is cardio vascular and muscle toning work based on the moves used in the ring for Kick Boxing. This is usually done continually moving from move to move for approximately 45 minutes. I teach this in a group setting or I use the moves in a one-on-one session in between weights to keep the heart rate up, or as warm-up moves.

Group Fitness

This is an overall cardio format certification which I have used over the years to teach Step, Hi-lo, Calisthenics, Boot camp, Senior Fitness, Hip Hop Cardio, Swing Dance Fitness, Tai Bo, Kickboxing and others. I use this in a one-on-one setting to help people keep moving during their work-outs if weight loss is a high priority or necessary. Also to improve resting heart rate, coordination and to help many clients learn moves to feel more comfortable in a group class setting or on a dance floor.

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