Why Bella Body?

Specialized for you

 For 20 years Bella Body & Mind has been helping clients achieve their personal health and fitness goals.  We can offer our clients a personalized program combining  Personal Training, Pilates, Yoga, Diet Planning and/or Life Coaching   to help bring health and balance to their lives. 

And with our new video chat personal training services we can help you reach your goals in as few as 20 minutes per day. 

Balance Your Life

The key to success in all areas of life is balance. As people we achieve the most and are the happiest when we have balance. I work with clients as a Life Coach to bring 7 areas of your life into balance.

  • Physical, Health & Fitness
  • Spiritual
  • Emotional & Mental
  • Financial
  • Career or life passion/path
  • Social
  • Relationships/Family

Enhance Your Life

The benefits of a healthy diet and exercise can enhance your life with more energy and stamina. Less sick days and clearer thinking. You can prolong your life and reduce the need for many medications. 

We offer meditation coaching as well which will help calm your mind from stress and thoughts that keep you locked in cycles and living an unhealthy lifestyle. 

Menu / Price List

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